Peace and conflict is an infographic that shows how dangerous different countries in the world are and how Romania, my home country, ranks amongst them.

It is an example of generative design and multi-software work. The starting point was a spreadsheet, which was manipulated in Nodebox into the radial shape, an illustration later polished in Illustrator and topped off with typesetting in InDesign.

The idea for this infographic came up when I read a survey stating that a lot of Romanians were afraid of criminality, a war or a terrorist attack.


The data I found infirmed their beliefs: Romania is amongst the safest countries in the world, rating 30th out of 150 countries.


However, there are truly dangerous, conflictual countries in the world. I chose to represent their data as intersecting lines, like a sword fight.
The violence in these countries influence and power each other.
Pictured below in the centre, overlapping: Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan with Iraq close behind.

And the violence is on a ascending path. The most obvious one is Syria, who has hopped from neutral to very dangerous in 3 years only.


At the other end of the spectrum, pictured below are two of the most peaceful countries in the world: Sweden and Switzerland.